Develop Export Market

Are you planning to develop your brand or sell your products overseas? In the era of globalisation this is the most important revenue source for your company.

The first step you will think is to open an export cell in your marketing wing to tap export customers. We come into the picture right here.

Instead of hiring people on payrolls we provide you a straight option of outsourcing your needs with much lesser cost than the above step and of same input level like your own employee.

Our option gives you much more flexibility as we work on contracts. Legal bonding can relieve client of employee retention worries. This will give you safety against your initial investments on exim business.

Modus operandi :

Once we finalize on products, terms & conditions & markets; we can enter into a legal contract for certain period. We work on your guidelines and your requirement to either develop your brand or sell your product.

We can develop long-term dealers, markets for you and your products in your required target markets and we stay on board as long as you want us. We can also train your staff as we go along.

Benefits :

  • You are having a certain CTC for each employee in export department. We are giving the same services at much lesser cost as our major revenue source would be on percentage on business generated.
  • No tension of employee retention as we are bonded with legal contracts.
  • Pay as you earn & invest as you earn policies ensures peace of mind for you.

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